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Walled Garden

Are you interested in locally grown and affordable fruit and veg? We have access to a beautiful but derelict Walled Garden, dating back to the 1850s.


We want to restore it to its former glory and in doing so, provide fresh, affordable and healthy fruit and veg to the local community. 

We need your help to achieve our vision and plans

The history

The Walled Garden at Carlshead Farm, where Living Potential is based, dates back to the 1850s. We want to document the history of the Walled Garden, so please do contact us (see below) if you remember the garden in operation, either as a Boys School or managed privately. 

The present

Here at Living Potential, we are at capacity due to space constraints and are currently turning away referral organisations who want to work with us. 


By transforming the derelict Walled Garden into a thriving Community Farm, we will be able to provide an accessible space to everyone in the community and be able to provide additional support to those in need, via our therapeutic horticulture services. 

For more information about our vision and how you can get involved, please click here

How can you support us?

To make the Community Farm project a success, we would like your help to shape and co-design the project.

Please help us by:

  1. Completing this 5 minute survey. Tell us what you think and help us to shape the project

  2. Spread the word to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues

  3. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or sign up to receive regular news by email

  4. Come and volunteer with us


Please get in touch with Andy for more information: / 07841847874

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