Frequently asked questions

Do you arrange transport?

Transport, or funding for transport, can be provided through your local authority, please contact them to make a referral. Various arrangements are possible. 

What about people with complex needs?


Although there is a ramp to the art room, training room and kitchen we have uneven ground around the farm. If there is a specific group that would be happy staying within the barns then we can make sure that it is accessible and that the activities suits everyone’s needs. We can’t offer personal care so if that is something you require you can bring support.

How do I pay for Living Potential

Care Farming?


Most people have their place paid for them by a contract with their local council. Some people pay for their place out of Direct Payments. If you are not paying through your own finance or in receipt of a direct payment then we might be able to help you organise this through adult social care or your care provider.

Living Potential is part of the CAREFARMING UK network and is moving towards full accreditation of the code of practice. Link to

City and Guilds qualifications coming soon through Seeds of Change

Research shows nature based interventions have hugely beneficial results

(BRAGG, R., ATKINS, G. 2016. A review of nature-based interventions for mental health care. Natural England Commissioned Reports, Number 204)

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