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The Care Farm

Watering the allotment at Living Potential Care Farm

Groups and individuals from a range of backgrounds become members of our farm team who are an integral part of the decision making process, including the AGM. Existing team members usually attend between one and three days a week.

People who might benefit from a supportive environment are invited to attend a taster session and get to know the opportunities available at the farm. New skills, social interaction, confidence building, qualifications and work experience can be designed around the needs of the group or individual.

You can learn how to care for the animals, including guinea pigs, rabbits, hens, pigs and alpacas. You can also have an active role in maintaining our allotments, nursery gardens and surroundings. There’s the additional opportunity for fishing, woodland walks and alpaca walks, as well as a programme of workshops, indoors as well as out.

Feeding the hens at Living Potential Care Farm
Working in the allotment at Living Potential Care Farm

There is wheelchair access to some parts of the farm including the art room, training rooms, kitchen and barn (where the rabbits and guinea pigs are kept and many of our workshops take place) and some parts of the allotments and fields, but there are many areas that are uneven and often – muddy! We are working to improve this so all of our team can be included in all aspects of our work.

Feeding the alpacas at Living Potential Care farm

If a specific group booking would prefer staying within the accessible areas, then we can make sure that it is an option and that the activities on offer will suit everyone’s needs.

Collecting eggs at the care farm

We do not routinely offer personal care on the farm so if that is something you require then please speak to us regarding whether you will need to bring support.

Living Potential Care Farm from the road

A lot of people pay for their place through local authority funding or a direct payment. Give us a call to discuss funding or other ways you can contribute towards the success of the farm.

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