What we do

Like to Volunteer?

Then get in touch and offer as much time as you are able. We can pay travel expenses. 
We provide support and training and there are a range of opportunities such as working with members or a background role in admin/fundraising/DIY
What we do


Day sessions are available at £70 a day. We
cater for groups and individuals from a range
of backgrounds. People who are vulnerable for one reason or another are welcome to attend a taster day for £10 and see the opportunities
and therapeutic benefits of nature based interventions. New skills, social interaction
and work experience designed specifically for the individual.

We have annual Christmas and Spring parties. We plan trips to Wetherby Farmer’s Market to sell produce and craft work

Living Potential is part of the CAREFARMING UK network and is moving towards full accreditation of the code of practice. Link to www.carefarminguk.org

City and Guilds qualifications coming soon through Seeds of Change

Research shows nature based interventions have hugely beneficial results

(BRAGG, R., ATKINS, G. 2016. A review of nature-based interventions for mental health care. Natural England Commissioned Reports, Number 204)

Tel: 07941 796370

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